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For over six decades, Meatezy has produced healthy, high-quality food products that go into some of the world’s finest recipes. Working with approximately 4,000 family farms throughout The USA, Brazil, and Mexico, we are dedicated to providing these wholesome, high-quality products at great value. We have the capacity to process more than 7000 pigs per week.

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We are an international Producer and distributor of Frozen pork. Our scope of business encompasses Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America, South America, and Africa. Our company is centrally located in the USA. This gives us enormous competitive advantages, both with respect to our business and people. Our suite of supply chain solutions embodies our specialized supply chain knowledge in product procurement, inventory management, product application, and process improvements. We currently provide solutions for over 600 global companies and institutions.

Our decades of experience enable us to provide our Customers with solutions designed specifically for their requirements. We can deliver lower total product costs as a tier-one supplier through our relationships with the world’s leading indirect material manufacturers. What sets us apart is our process-oriented approach that delivers consistently improved results for our Customers through the following services. We draw on the strengths of experience, resources, global supply capability, and significant strategic partnerships with producers, suppliers, and customers to create a highly capable network of supply chains for commodities in general.

Meatezy supply business utilizes a highly efficient network of manufacturing facilities and transportation and distribution systems to provide the best solutions to our customers around the world. Who We Are? In our relentless pursuit of total business capability, our clients derive benefits from our diverse portfolio and multifaceted strengths. The optimal value is delivered to our customers by our team of professional and highly dedicated staff who are committed to our core values of HARD WORK, HONESTY, TRANSPARENCY, RELIABILITY, and INTEGRITY.

Corporate Responsibility We’re Dedicated to providing value to both our customers and our investors. We understand the role we must play in healthy and functioning capital markets by building trust, transparency, and consistency in business practices. In supporting and advising some of the world’s most important organizations, we have an opportunity to provide value that extends far beyond our client base and into the broader marketplace.

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